Archipiélago is an ecosystem where we create and incubate projects around hospitality and experiences. In it, we can share and collaborate with our community while we provide cultural changes through enjoyment and entertainment. It’s split into three hemispheres that complement each other: venues, platforms, and spirits.

Today we know that it’s never been about the projects, the disco ball at Leonor; the at-home feeling of Cancino’s pizzas; or pacific vibes at La Zaranda. It isn’t about Unión’s mezcals either; the three days of neverending music and celebration at Trópico; dancing at Café Paraíso; nights of freedomat Bonbon; the table talk at Taverna; the art at Salón acme; or past projects or projects to come, but about the community that gives them life. 

The truth is it’s the perfect excuse to eat good, drink mezcal, and dance forever at a party that might just end up saving the world, at least for a second, because we’re together. It’s about afternoons that turn into nights, nights that turn into days, and days that remain in your memory, among music and friends.